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Tutors - We Salute You

RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders East Yorkshire (E-YARD) held a committee meeting recently, and it was decided that the group would no longer charge an annual membership fee for the tutors.

This decision was made after consideration of the role they play within the group, absolutely essential to the continuance of this, the primary advanced training group in the area.

Tutors are required to be a fully paid up member of RoADAR, our umbrella body, for accreditation and insurance purposes. This also covers their tri-annual retest and continued recognistion in the role.

They also give up their own time free of charge to deliver tuition to the associates.

Over the lockdowns of the past year and the realisation of how precious our freedom and free time really is it was decided that the role should not have further financial impact on the tutors.

It was also felt that this would assist in retention of our tutors, particularly as E-YARD invests heavily in their training to carry out the role. The standard for all tutors is similar to the standard required to qualify as an advanced tutor, to keep our standards high, and is based on the old RoSPA Diploma course (now a level 3 qualification).

Tutors - We Salute You!


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