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July Review

The month commenced with the general meeting on the first Tuesday at East Coast Motorcycle World.

July saw guest speakers from the equine community, with Rachel Glossop and Astrid Paget leading the session.

The meeting saw them explaining more about why we do what we do around horses on public highways opposed to what we should do. A lively, humorous and interesting presentation saw a better understanding of equine etiquette! There is a blog with a full review available on this site.

The vests were soon put to use by all the tutors, with another busy month of associate training. More assisting the BikeSafe team by John and Rosie , and this continued with most weekends through the month seeing out brand out and about with associates.

Not forgetting the car side, which also saw regular tutoring of several associates.

An inpromptu session saw three tutors turn up for one associate - poor 'bananaman', Dave Knowles!

Rather than 'over-supervise' Chris took him out for a check test, meeting up with Rosie & John for a cuppa before all going on for a run out into north Yorkshire

The following weekend was the 'official' group ride out to the 'Oakham TT' circuit - south Lincolnshire and the East Midlands.

Meeting at the Humber Bridge the 'magnificent seven' head over the Bridge to Caistor High Street stopping at Horncastle for tea and tiffin before heading further south and on to Rutland Water for a cracking day out.

'Errol' - Alwyn - had a weekend away in Scotland dirt biking. This wasn't an E-YARD activity but it appears to have whetted the appetite of a few members. Maybe a dirty weekend is on the books for the group?

The final day of the month saw Nick Houlden pass his RoADAR car test, making another success for the group this year. Nick joined the group at the end of last year just as the group was re-branding and starting afresh. With limited time but dedication, Nick has achieved a great success.

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