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Training Weekend - Scotland 2022!

Shiny bikes and excited riders met at Beverley to head north to Scotland for the E-YARD Tutor Training weekend 2022.

Unlike previous years, associates and members were also invited to the weekend away, and the idea was they would be available for the tutors to practice training on, rather than the tutors 'stooging'. It also meant that they would get some intense tuition from several different tutors to. expand their learning opportunities.

Seventeen members of E-YARD, including 8 tutors and two examiners split into pre-arranged groups for the journey north.

The tutors were split into pairs and had the brief to assess one another on the first two parts of the journey, up to the first tea stop at Thirsk, then the lunch stop at Allenheads. The associate and members enjoyed a group ride to both locations

Thirsk garden centre - Yes! There was cake!

Hemmel Cafe at Allenheads - And yes, yet again, there was cake...

After lunch the final run up to Dumfries was done in 4 groups with a tutor leading each group so the 'art' of leading groups and group riding discipline could be practiced.

All safe and sound, albeit the rain came in the latter part of the ride, evetyone was ready for a drink and food on arrival at the hotel!

It was a bit snug!

The following day, Saturday, the training started in earnest. After breakfast the group were all given a RoadCraft and Highway code quiz and given 30 minutes to answer the 30 questions.

After the quiz, the answers were checked using the traditional swap your papers with one another method! The answers created debate and as such the exercise worked well in that it opened dialogue, just like real world discussions between tutors and associates.

Riding kit on after the quiz, and the associates were allocated to tutors and sent out on whatever route they chose to practice training techniques with two tutors per group peer reviewing one another whilst feeding back on the associates. Beneficial for tutors and associates alike who were exposed to intensive review and advice.

Some fantastic roads were covered during this training, roads which neither the tutors or associates were familiar with.

On return to the hotel it was group tutor photo call time, with the tutors and advanced tutors posing for the camera!

Sunday was the final day of any formal events, with two members undertaking their tests, Julian Burton his advanced test and Guy Gregory his advanced tutor test.

Julian being congratulated by his examiner, John Summerfield, and Guy post test with his big bertha

The rest of the team all had a social day, splitting into four groups and having various plans to enjoy a day riding in the Dumfries and Ayrshire roads. A bikers paradise!

There was even some liaison betweenE-YARD and the local Traffic Police...All good though!.

The Monday morning saw the team say their goodbyes and ride back in smaller groups of friends that had been made over the weekend.


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