September Review

September started where August left off...Hot'n'Sunny!

A glorious day blessed the September Breakfast Club ride out.

Setting off from Beverley and heading to deepest Lincolnshire, E-YARD members were again joined by guests from the North Yorkshire group, Pippa Unwin and Malcolm L


A decision was made by the committee to appoint a Vice Chair and Jo was selected for the role.

As a Car Tutor Jo brings some more balance to the head of the committee with the

Chair - John, being a Motorcycle Tutor.

This position will be subject of selection at the AGM next year

One of the stalwarts, not only of E-YARD, but of the advanced driving community in Hull and East Yorkshire, is Peter Gill.

Pete has been involved with E-YARD (and ERY-RoADAR as it was originally called) for most of it's existence, as a tutor and advisor to the group.

He has had an interesting and exciting life, being a lucky survivor of a major rail disaster and aircraft failures. He was a successful cricketer and top class table tennis player as well as being a qualified yacht master and a master chess player in addition to his driving and motorcycling credentials.

Unfortunately Peter has had serious sports related injuries and as a result of these is currently confined to a wheel chair following breaking his pelvis.

In recognition of his contributions to E-YARD he was presented with a Certificate of Recognition by Jo B, one of his associates who is now qualified to Group Tutor and group Secretary Chris Hood. Peter is also now a lifetime member of E-YARD and will continue to contribute to the group in an advisory capacity.

E-YARD welcomes Pippa Unwin to the group following her social ride with the group Breakfast Club (above).

Pippa was a member of Kent Motorcycle Group (KMG) and served as an observer for them before moving north.

She has a sizable collection of bikes and is currently riding a Versys 300 which may be the bike for her planned Alaska to South American 'Long Way Down' trip!