Yorkshire Advanced Riders & Drivers
Group Officers
Mark Kelk

Mark is a real motorcycle fan, owning an everyday use Kawasaki 1400GTR and a Norton Commando, a little indulgence for a sunny day!  With access to his other half's 500 he's nearly always out on two wheels!

An advanced car driver gained when in the police, mark decided to join E-YARD and honed his skills to a Gold standard.

Qualifying in 2018 as a tutor, MArk fits these duties in between his current job and CBT Motorcycle instructing!

He was a top level Rugby player (in his younger days?!) and is still an active member of Hull Ionians, taking in more of a social role these days!

Mark has been involved in committees and other formal bodies throughout both his professional and social life and is ideally placed, with his enthusiasm for advanced riding and driving to 'drive' E-YARD onward.


Jo is a real action girl, involved in archery, enjoying the local countryside and supporting events such as Tour de Yorkshire and Rugby League World Cup as a volunteer, the latter being a labour of love (don't mention rugby league though!)

An active member of both RoSPA and IAM, she also enjoys track days and rally experiences.

Vice -Chair
Jo Bowers

Chris is one of the founding members of the group, a retired police traffic supervisor who ran BikeSafe for several years.

Chris holds a RoSPA Diploma in addition to police class 1 motorcycle and car qualifications.

Actively involved in training the tutor team he occasionally tutors group members too.

Chris is also a motorcycle and car examiner for RoSPA.

He's been a motorcycle tour leader for BMW as well as Blood Bike rider previously.  

Chris is now a part time Coach Driver as well!  The only licence he hasn't got is for lorries....watch this space? 

Chris Hood

Dave is a  native of LOndon, but had a long military career which took him around the world.

He is currently on the civillian staff side of Leconfield Military Driver Training Centre.

A keen motorcyclist who currently own an Africa Twin which replaced his ancient ST1100 Pan European.

Dave took over the role of Treasurer in 2020

Dave Richards

"Rosie" as she is known by most people is a true biker chick, preferring two wheels to four every time!

Holder of a Gold grade, she has been a member of numerous bike forums and groups, and this group from it's inception.

Currently riding an adventure bike, her previous machine was heavily customised and she used to quarter-mile drag strip it!

As soon as she qualified as a group tutor she was chomping at the bit and now also delivers BikeSafe as an E-YARD observer with the local team

Membership Secretary
Denise Rose