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Group Officers

Chris Hood

Chris is one of the founding members of the group, a retired police traffic supervisor who ran BikeSafe for several years.

Chris holds a RoSPA Diploma in addition to police class 1 motorcycle and car qualifications.

Chris is also a motorcycle and car examiner for RoSPA.

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Group Secretary

Jade Abel

Jade has been a member of E-YARD since passing her motorcycle test, and has acheived the level of Gold standard rider.  Involved as a Group Tutor she is a massive asset to the group. Her enthusiasm, loyalty and commitment to the group has been incredible and as secretary she really has the position to move the group onward and upward


Pippa Unwin

Pippa has been riding motorcycles most of her life, and as an advanced rider since 2000 when she was a member of IAM's Kent group.

A member of E-YARD since she moved to Yorkshire she is a nationally recognised Advanced Tutor for motorcycles and a Gold level car driver.

A force of nature she is so enthusiastic and positive about all things advanced 

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Group Treasurer

Adam Abel

Adam is ex military and currently a para-medic.

He is so enthusiastic about motorcycle that he spends almost all his free time riding one of his KTM's

He is also a keen piston head when it comes to cars, and has acheived Gold in both disciplines.

Adam is also an Advanced Tutor for E-YARD

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