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Group Officers
Chris Hood

Chris is one of the founding members of the group, a retired police traffic supervisor who ran BikeSafe for several years.

Chris holds a RoSPA Diploma in addition to police class 1 motorcycle and car qualifications.

Actively involved in training the tutor team he occasionally tutors group members too.

Chris is also a motorcycle and car examiner for RoSPA.

He's been a motorcycle tour leader for BMW as well as Blood Bike rider previously.  

Christine Cross

Christine has been an active member since 2019  She passed her bike test in 2018, passing her advanced test at gold standard in 2022, and is now training to be a tutor. She rides a BMW F750GS, her 4th bike since passing her test!! 
As secretary it allows her to use her experience as a town councillor and a school governess.  Christine also organises the clubs social events 
She is an accountant and work as a Finance Manager for a small engineering company in Hull.

She IS E-YARD social!  

Rod McAndrew

Rod is a native of the West Midands having moved into the East Yorkshire area many yeras ago.

He has been riding for over 30 years and currently ridies a BMW 1250 GS Adventure Triple Black, he joined E-YARD in 2018, wanting to inprove his skill set and knowledge. Qualified as an advanced rider in 2020, and having passed his advanced bike test has gone on to become a group tutor.

Pippa Unwin

Pippa has been riding motorcycles most of her life, and as an advanced rider since 2000 when she was a member of IAM's Kent group.

A member of E-YARD since she moved to Yorkshire she is a nationally recognised Advanced Tutor for motorcycles and a Gold level car driver.

A force of nature she is so enthusiastic and positive about all things advanced 

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