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E-YARD "Secret" Treasure Hunts!!

As the dark clouds of Winter started to clear, and the sprectre of Covid restrictions started to disapate, RoSPA Drivers and Riders East Yorkshire began it's rise from the darkness with some cryptic hints that something was happening to start the 2022 season off! These messages hinting at 'somthing' were circulated by Christine and Dave Cross to whet members imagination.

Dave and Christine tell the still has a hint of mystery?!!

E-Yard ROSPA Treasure Hunt 20 th and 26 th March 2022

Over the winter months, Pippa Unwin, Dave Cross and myself devised a Treasure Hunt for the group to take part in, after the winter months, which was planned with lots days out, in the snow and freezing cold. Plenty of coffee and cake eaten in some lovely cafes/pubs, head scratching coming up with clues for the places we had chosen to include in the treasure hunt.

Fast Forward to March….

6 willing teams made up of ROSPA members and their friends and families took part in the Treasure Hunt that took place on the 20 th March and the 26 th March.

The weather was kind to us on both dates, with 2 lovely sunny days, and the teams were eager to get cracking with their clues, which took them from the East Yorkshire coast, to the picturesque North Yorkshire Moors and everywhere in between.

The starting point was McDonalds in Beverley and the finishing post was Seaways Café in Fridaythorpe… and not Fimber!!

Each team were given different clues with 5 different places to visit, and had to submit photos of their travels, to earn them points, with their team members in the photos, we have some cracking photos. The more photos they submitted the more points they earned.

Once they crossed the finishing line a simple highway code test made up of 10 questions which they had to answer - in the fastest time possible.

The winning team for the Treasure Hunt was……….to be announced at the April meeting!!


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