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May Review

The month for E-YARD commenced with a belated AGM.

The AGM saw the selection of the committee, with John Wright retaining the chair, Tom Harris the Treasurer role, Julian Taylor the Training Officer and Chris Hood being voted in as Secretary replacing John Bowers who stood down due to work commitments.

Presentations were also made to members who had achieved recent ride/driving and tutor qualifications

Rosie and John Wright "Norge" (we'll come to that later!) were busy assisting Humberside BikeSafe on two occasions this month.

Rosie managed both whilst John only managed one - again - we'll come to that later...

The sessions were excellent for the group as further potential recruits for E-YARD were introduced to advanced riding and encouraged to come along and join us.

A young lady by the name of Liz contacted E-YARD by email enquiring about car tuition and will be receiving a taster session with Dave Pattenden on his return from holiday.

Chance encounters (!) at East Coast Motorcycle World has seen three new members joining E-YARD for motorcycle tuition, and as a result E-YARD welcomes Guy Gregory, Col Herring and Marcus Fletcher as fully paid up associates.

Tuition commenced for Guy with the Chair, and Col & Marcus will commence theirs in June.

Mid May saw the Chair and Secretary taking a motorcycling trip, with others, to Southern Germany. For those unaware, our Chair, John Wright, has a penchant for Italian exotica motorcycles and his current ride is a Moto Guzzi Norge. Such a rarety, the machines name became John's nick name - it seems to be sticking!

RoSPA as an organisation reached its 100th birthday and held a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace. E-YARD received invitations to the party and the two representatives selected to attend were John and Chris.

Blessed with fantastic weather, cucumber sandwiches and iced coffee were enjoyed whilst Prince Andrew held court as RoSPA' Royal patron.

E-YARD were invited to assist East Coast Motorcycle World run an Enhanced Rider Day - a non police 'BikeSafe'

The following day, Bank Holiday Monday saw the requisite weather - Rain (and Fog?!) but Rosie & John still ventured out!

Jo Bowers at the same time fulfilled one of her ambitions and went rally driving in West Yorkshire. Later seen behind the wheel of a Porsche - for some reason the owner wouldn't let her have the keys?!

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