Yorkshire Advanced Riders & Drivers
Group Tutor Team
Dave Pattendon
Advanced Tutor Car

Dave retired from the police service after 30 years and became a driving instructor teaching learners initially.  Wanting another challenge he joined RoSPA and took his Advanced Tutor qualification. Having been re-qualified in this role twice, it is safe to say Dave is one of the best in the business and E- YARD has a great resource with him on the team

Jo Bowers
Car Tutor

Jo is a real action girl, involved in archery, enjoying the local countryside and supporting events such as Tour de Yorkshire and Rugby League World Cup as a volunteer, the latter being a labour of love (don't mention rugby league though!)

An active member of both RoSPA and IAM, she also enjoys track days and rally experiences.

Jo has also passed her bike test so once she buys a bike she'll become an associate again on two wheels!

Group Tutor Team 
Both Disciplines 
Cars and Bikes
Julian Taylor Training Officer
Car & Bike

Julian is actively involved in the group - both Bikes and Cars.

Passing car test in '75 and bike in 1980,  He holds a Class 1 Advanced police qualification, in addition to RoSPA Gold for both car and bike.

Julian is a keen caravaner (and a biker?). When you meet him, ask him about handbrakes when you stop at services...All we can say is don't leave a car and caravan in neutral on even a slight incline...

Julian is Involved with organising training and delivering tutoring in both disciplines.

He is an avid motorsport fan, particularly MotoGP, but takes an interest in most wheeled and engined sports.

Chris Hood  
Car & Bike
Examiner/Advanced Tutor

Chris is one of the founding members of the group, a retired police traffic supervisor who ran BikeSafe for several years.

Chris holds a RoSPA Diploma in addition to police class 1 motorcycle and car qualifications.

Actively involved in training the tutor team he occasionally tutors group members too.

Chris is also a motorcycle and car examiner for RoSPA. 

Group Tutor Team 
Ian Streets
Bike Advanced Tutor

Ian is a veteran rider, belonging to several motorcycle groups in the local area.

Ian rides a BMW Adventure bike having tried other marques and styles, but likes the Bavarian vibe!

Ian takes an annual motorcycle tour Europe as well as long weekends and tours in the UK.

He holds qualifications with IAM in addition to his Gold RoSPA grading

Pippa Unwin 
Bike Advanced Tutor

Pippa ha been a motorcyclist all her adult life and has toured extensively.

Currently owning 10 bikes and three cars, she is a true petrol head!

Pippa used to live in the south and was an active member of the IAM there.

Since moving north she has qualified at Gold grade on motorcycles and has gone on to become a group motorcycle tutor.

Pippa is a real globetrotter having ridden dirt bikes from the old Silk Road through to Mexico and beyond. She'd run rings around Charlie and Ewan!

Paul Morton

Paul is a very active member of the E-YARD team, attending as many ride-outs as he can.

Pauls day job is driving really big stuff - trains. 

The bike lets him get off the beaten Track (groan!)

Having been trained (no pun intended) by E-YARD, Paul wanted to put something back  into the group and Tutoring is the ideal way to do it.

Mark Kelk 

Mark is an avid motorcyclist, passionate about his biking and even more passionate to pass on his love of two wheels to others. "I've had so much out of riding bikes, I just want to give something back" was his comment after passing his RoSPA test at Gold standard.

He has even 'persuaded' his other half into taking her bike test (maybe just so he can ride solo?!!)

Rod McAndrew

One of the original 70's 'Fizzie' owners, Rod passed his bike test in 1978 so he could get something bigger than a 250 - halcyon days!

Rod took a break of 21 years from bikes returning to the fold in 2005.

He admits to having ridden a Vespa once.  200 yards and then getting off it and walking back!

Rod has participated in various training courses before finding his spirtual home at E-YARD.

He currently rides a Triple Black GSA

Chris Hancock 
Bike (Trainee Tutor)

Another convert from IAM, Chris had been a tutor with them.

He achieved his Gold RoSPA qualification in 2020 and was invited to enrol as a trainee tutor with E-YARD. 

Under the tutelege of Rosie, Chris is getting the best tuition any trainee could ask for and will soon qualify as a tutor in the best training organisation available.

Chris is the "owner" of greyhounds, which immediately places him in the uber cool section of E-YARD - we love bonehead woofers!

Denise Rose  
Bike Advanced Tutor

"Rosie" as she is known by most people is a true biker chick, preferring two wheels to four every time!

Holder of a Gold grade, she has been a member of numerous bike forums and groups, and this group from it's inception.

Currently riding an adventure bike, her previous machine was heavily customised and she used to quarter-mile drag strip it!

As soon as she qualified as a group tutor she was chomping at the bit and now also delivers BikeSafe as an E-YARD observer with the local team

Guy Gregory Bike 

A chance meeting at East Coast Motorcycle World whilst picking up his BMW GSA led to a conversation with E-YARD members.

Guy made the mistake of saying he was interested in advanced riding and would like some details,  A year later, RoSPA test in pocket, Guy is on the tutor team!

Whether it's touring Scotland with mates, E-YARD social rides or solo bimbles around the Wolds, Guy takes every opportunity he can to ride his dream bike!

John Wright

John is a keen motorcyclist who has been involved in numerous "Iron Butt" motorcycle endurance events.

He has ridden most of Europe over the years and rides in all weather, year round.

A biker for 39 years who currently rides a Moto Guzzi Norge touring machine which he has put 76000 miles on in five years!.

Mike Allen 

Mike has been a motorcyclist for all his adult life.

Currently riding a 1200GS Adventure, he also has a 25 year old CB600 in his garage which he has owned most of those years!

A family man, with twin teenage sons, he also enjoys cycling and fitness and adventure holidays in his camper van with the family.

A retired police motorcyclist, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the group

Dave Scott

Dave has been an advanced motorcyclist with IAM for many years, and was a National Observer for them.

Recently involved with ARB

Dave decided to take his RoSPA qualification in 2020 and immediately took to the group.

With his qualifications he was enrolled into the tutor training programme once he achieved his Gold qualification.

An avid rider, regularly touring Europe with his wife, Dave owns both a Kawasaki 1400GTR and a trusty old Blackbird!

Andy Brittan 

Andy is a Gold grade motorcycle and car member . 

He is also a member of 'the other' group - the IAM, having attained both RoADAR and IAM qualifications within a week of each other!

Andy is not from these parts, but an import from the south, coming north as a missionary - yeah right!

Andy is an ex RAF officer and retired Thames Valley Police.

His chosen steed is a Kawasaki Versys.

Adam Abel 

Adam is the sort of person who you would describe as being born on a bike - his birth must have caused discomfort for his mum!

Bike mad, particularly KTM's he seems to have one for every occasion. 

Adam is ex forces, and is now in his second career as a Paramedic.

Having lived all over the country, Adam has been involved in several Advanced training groups, both RoSPA and IAM, and has been a tutor previously.  He is a great asset to the E-YARD tutor hub, with a dynamic and enthuseastic approach to riding and training 

Andy Trevor 
Car & Bike

Andy is a long time member of RoSPA, having been involved since the group formed.

Andy was, for several years, a well respected driving instructor, He gave up this business and has returned to LGV driving which has meant he has had to step back from tutoring for the present.

We look forward to when Andy can recommence tutoring duties