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Phew! What a Scorcher!

Whilst the protests about global warming went on in the capital, RoSPA Advanced Drivers & Rider East Yorkshire (E-YARD) made the most of the benefits - the hottest Easter on record.

The lead protagonist over the whole weekend was Ivan, riding out every day of the four day break! He totaled up just over 700 miles!

(Ivan prepares to glue himself to his machine for mega mileage)

Good Friday had Andy B and Rosie out for a coddiwomple around the East and North Yorkshire coast, and Pippa (with soon to be E-YARD member?) Helen doing a mystery tour of the same area!

Ivan, Carolyne F, Julia N and respective partners head south to the East Coast of Lincolnshire, hitting Cleethorpes, Skeg-Vegas and Boston on Easter Saturday.

Sunday saw an impromptu 'Grand Tour'!

Meeting at Willerby, Ivan, Pippa, Hoody and Gaz, were joined by a guest Darren S from a neighbouring group.

The Grand Tour head to Willingham Woods for a leg stretch and the commencement of Pippas de-robing*! On to Lincoln, Newark with a fuel stop at Sherwood Forest (more de-robing) then on to the Peak Dsitrict, Snake Pass, Glossop, Woodhead and Holme Moss and back via Glasshoughton and Selby

(Willy Woods)


(Glossop - a fine Vegan All Day Breakfast)

Easter Monday continued with Ivan racking up the miles out with Carolyne and Julia for another epic - another jaunt into Lincolnshire, heading to Boston once again!

Whilst there may not have been a lot of formal training, the mix of Tutors, Associates and Examiners, all out socially with one another lends itself to development through example.

With such a mix, the good practice is spread and everyone benefits.

Training doesn't have to be formal all the time.

A honorable mention is also extended to Alwyn who took another impromptu weekend trip to the Emerald Isle and racked up another thousand miles!

*As the mercury rose!

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