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The Longest Day

Is Ian sleeping stood up - like a horse?

Advanced Tutor, Ian Streets really did have the longest day on 21 June, as he undertook his tri-annual retest to re-qualifiy as an advanced tutor, a nationally recognised qualification.

To add to the fun, his examiner, John Summerfield and Ian set off in the only rain of the week (well it is mid-summer!) from Willerby doing a 'round robin' test route on a variety of different roads. Ian gave John a demonstration ride at the highest grade.

Ian then gave an instructional motorcycle check before following John and giving critique and feedback on his riding. The planned stop at a cafe was thwarted as it was closed. Planning and preparation Ian?

John delivered the good news that Ian had requalified and Ian will now continue to deliver training, support and mentorship to the group tutors.

Well done Ian.


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