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Ride on Richardson!

Saturday 13 November was Lucky 13 for E-YARD member Paul Richardson who took his RoADAR Advanced Motorcycle test.

Paul joined the grouppost lock-down, and since joining has been a regular on Coddiwomples (our group ride outs) and social events, as well as undertaking advanced tuition. Paul rides a BMW R1200RS, and is very comfortable with the machine in all circumstances. Just look above for proof on a cold late Autumn day!

Paul's test was conducted from Beverley by eaxaminer Chris Hood, and concluded at Wolds Way Cafe. Paul's result was delivered before he bought the butties, so no bribery was involved!

A great pass for Paul, and a mention in despatches for Bob Stephenson, Paul's tutor.

Congratulations Paul, you're now a full RoADAR member - enjoy Care on the Road!


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