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November 2020 Review

Not a lot!!

The government imposed a 4 week lockdown from 5 November to 2 December effectively writing off the whole month.

Our chair, Mark Kelk issued a staement in respect of this, mirroring the guidance from RoSPA HQ.

"November “Lockdown” Statement

On 31 October the Prime Minister announced that due to the rapid rise in Covid19 cases, and strain on the NHS, the country would be placed in a national lockdown, similar to that in March.

The lockdown will be implemented from Thursday 5 November, initially for four weeks, although this may be extended subject to the success of the restrictions.

The key points of the lockdown are:

All pubs and restaurants will be forced to closedNo-one may meet with another person from another household indoors.People can only meet with one other person from another household in an outdoor setting.Travel should be for essential reasons only, including going to work if essential employment.

There are more, but these are the points relevant to how RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders East Yorkshire (E-YARD) operate.

The decision had aleardy been made not to hold physical meetings for the forseeable future, but the Marne (Beverley Golf Club) will have to close its doors under the regulations.

I feel we have no choice but to suspend all training for the period of the lockdown (currently until 2 December 2020 at the earliest).

There cannot be any ride-outs for the same period.

Whilst this should not be too impactive, as our official, recognised, training season ended 31 October, I am aware that there are several trainee tutors currently undertaking their training and approaching qualification. This training will obviously have to be suspended. The planned masterclass for those trainees, on 29 November has also been cancelled.

A review will be made of the situation once the lockdown is lifted, but for the time being everything is on hold.

Stay safe

Mark Kelk - Chair, E-YARD"

With the Hull and East Riding area having been placed in the highest tier for Covid restrictions prior to the lockdown, it is unlikely normal operation will be resumed until the New Year.

RoadCraft has been updated and the new versions are now available for purchase. E-YARD still holds stock of the older version, which will continue to be issued until stock is depleted as the differences can be covered by tutors when training.

Ah well - lets hope November 2021 can have a bit more news!!


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