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Monthly Group Meeting November '21

E-YARD (RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders East Yorkshire) held their monthly meeting on Wednesday 24 November at the Beverley Golf Club.

A guest speaker had been arranged in the form of Angie Bird, a RoSPA Gold four times qualified, and former member of IAM RoadSmart Northern Regional Team as well as being the previuos Senior Observer for the local IAM group. A very experienced and knowledgeable individual!

Angie had been a school teacher when she first embarked on her life journey, before changing direction and spending a full career as a police officer, retiring as a Sergeant.

Another member of E-YARD, currently an associate on motorcycles asked if he could introduce Angie, the reason being, she had been his school teacher, introduced him to his life long passion of canoeing and encouraged him to also join the police. His intro was very amusing and was for the room only!

Angie's presentation was complimentary to the October presentation by Pippa, and looked at night driving, how the eyes work and deteriation of vision through age. It was well received by the group, which had a record 31 members present.

It was very interesting to understand how the eyes use 'cones' and 'rods' in the millions to work out contrast and light, cones being quick reacting in good light, whereas the rods were used in dimmer light and were slow reacting, an example being why there is a blinding aspect when coming out of a dark place (a tunnel for example) into daylight, as the cones quickly react but the rods are still performing their low light function so the eye is flooded with light temporarily. She went on to explain how the eye muscles weakened with age and the available arc of view and peripheral vision narrowed with age.

A great presentation.

The club welcomed new member Elinor Reid a motorcyclist, and congratulated Paul Richardson on his recent bike test pass.

The next meeting will take place on 22 December, with the club Christmas "Do" being on Friday 17 December. ANy members wishing to attend the Christmas party need to contact the social organisor, Christine Cross or secretary Chris Hood ASAP. Cost is £25 for a full 3 course meal and entertainment of a live band.


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