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Monthly Group Meet - September '21

E-YARD (RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders East Yorkshire) monthly group meeting took place on Wednesday 22 September 2021 at the Beverley Golf Club.

The club welcomed nationally accredited NHS emergency trauma trainer, Paul "Bear" Rainy-Sygrove.

Paul is a highly experienced ambulance EMT and delivers his accredited courses throughout the motorcycle community and beyond.

With a healthy 18 members attending the meeting Paul had a good audience to talk and interact with during his two hour presentation.

Paul explained, demonstrated and involved club members in practicing, various techniques for first aid at the scene of a Road Traffic Collision (RTC), both car and motorcycle.

The importance of ABC - Airway, Breathing, Circulation, as well as Catasrophic Bleeding was explained, as were the signs and how to deal with them.

Removal of helmets if necessary was fully explained, and the times it should be, or not be, carried out. Paul went on to explain how to stabilise a patient in a car and protect their ABC until the arrival of ambulance crews.

Every exercise utilised group members with Paul or his partner 'Squirrel" playing the victim.

With two ex military medics in the club, their input was extremely valuable and they were able to supplement the content of Pauls presentation, using some practical examples of how they had used the techniques being demonstrated,

Interesting and humourous, the presentaion acted as a great reminder of the importance of first aid, and more so the ability to save lives by acting quickly when dealing with a traumatic scene, and not hesitating

To do something, even if it isn't succesful, is better than doing nothing - It may just save someones loved ones.

The meeting also celebrated Pippa Unwins recent qualification as an Advanced Tutor, the launch of the ladies riding section - LAMBs, and the latest dealership tie in with Miles Kingsport discounting club members services and goods.

The next scheduled group meeting is planned for 27 October at the Beverley Golf Club - the planned subject is 'Night Riding' (subject to confirmation)


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