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May 21 Saturday Coddiwomple

A cold, damp, dull day in the middle of May, you could have mistaken it for October!

We headed out from Halfords in Beverley around 10am, on our way to Richmond but our first stop was Beadlam Farm Shop and Tea room, Ian Streets leading the group of 5 made up of me, Dave Cross, Pippa and Dave Scott, and later Chris Hood joined us.

I am always nervous about group rides, but it started out to be a really nice ride, until we hit the road works a few miles outside of Pickering, which took us over half an hour riding at 1-5mph stop starting making our way through the temporary traffic lights. Once we were through the worst of the traffic, we finally made it to Beadlam Farm Shop, were a much needed coffee and sausage sandwich was waiting. We met up with Chris Hood and Adam, and later Andy Brittan and Jo Bowers also joined us there. Adam, Andy and Jo didn’t join us on our magical mystery tour of the Yorkshire countryside! Once we had eaten and had a much needed caffeine intake, we got back on the bikes and headed up to Brymor Ice Parlour in Masham. I think Ian wanted to test our riding skills on some very questionable roads! We were so lucky we only managed to get caught in one little shower, so we didn’t get too wet. Another coffee and a lovely ice cream just 1 scoop (1 scoop is actually 2 in the cone) for me, but Ian and Chris sampled 4 flavours!

No evidence of Chris having a large one....Ian, however....

I would highly recommend the parlour it was lovely.

We then headed for home, a few more questionable roads to navigate through, but that was the fun of the day. Thank you to Ian for leading a great ride out and Dave S for being the back marker, looking forward to the next one.

Christine C


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