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June '21 Round Up

Adam Meekin looking really chuffed after his Advanced Bike Test!

For a change the first days on the three months of Summer were, well, Summer-like!

A red hot summers bank holiday started the best part of a week of glorious weather, with the first 'official' RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders East Yorkshire (E-YARD) event of the month was the Thursday Night Trundle (TNT) which saw a total of 11 bikes and 2 pillions traverse an average of 100 miles each from Beverley to Cleethorpes and back for fish'n'chips.

It's not all about bikes - Thursday 3 June saw Andy Brittan take his tri-annual test with examiner Chris Hood and deliver a great ride which re-qualified him at the top of the tree.

The first weekend of the month was the Sunday Coddiwomple, with another great turnout for E-YARD, (RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders - East Yorkshire), again riding in two groups, which head out to, and met at How Stean Gorge, Nidderdale.

Adam Meekin had also had an early start with examiner John Summerfield and was able to celebrate his test pass with his tutor Paul Morton before the Coddiwomple.

The group formally welcomed Phil Johns and Mike Cook who both received their initial assessments and started their learning curve!

Mid June saw another top quality pass as Kelvin took his advanced riding test with John Summerfield.

Rosie and Ian S both took their tri-annual Advanced Tutor re-test, both re-qualifying Rosie with Chris Hood, Ian with John Summerfield examining.

At the end of the month Chair, Mark Kelk, finished off a brilliant June with a top grade tri-annual re-test!

June almost felt normal, a good sign that, perhaps, we can get back to business as usual.


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