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July Sunday Coddiwomple '21

After a week of glorious sunshine, England beating Germany, an 18 year old A level student only packing enough clothes for one night in London and then getting through the first round at Wimbledon, the weather forecast for the first Coddiwomple was - Yep! RAIN!!!

Probably why only 4 stalwarts turned up at Beverley (oh, yeah, and BikeSafe was also on - see the other blog!)

Dave Scott planned the route and led, with Pippa, Andy J and Ivan making up the Fantastic Four.

South of the Humber was the destination - Lincolnshire Wolds and beyond...

After traversing the Humber Bridge, the team made their way to Bardney Heritage Centre, old steam engine sheds, converted into a funky coffee shop. 1950's service, but very nice all the same.

After refreshing, the next stop was Faun Cafe in Hemswell Cliff which offered very inexpensive and tasty wares with lightening fast service!

On arrival, the roads were wet as a fish pocket, but the sun shone on the righteous!

Bellies full, and still riding on dry roads, more of Lincolnshires finest highways were traversed before the ubiquitous E-YARD ice-cream parlour visit (it is the law in the absence of cake shops - honestly, it's an Act of Parliament) at Blyton!

Ivan wolfed that one down well - the Glory of the Knickerbocker.....

Considering the forecast, the gang never had a drop of rain or less than 21* in temperature, in 140 miles of Coddiwomple. Looks like everyone else missed out!


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