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February Monthly Meet '22

The meeting was held around a presentation by Pippa Unwin which had been planned three times before, but cancelled due to circumstances beyond control.

Pippa's presentation was entitled "Freedon Of The Open Road".

It was a reflection of her exeriences and, also, a look at the fears of many when planning and actually


She detailed her riding history, starting when she was 17 (won't say how long ago!) and her early days on two wheels.

Pippa then showed the places she'd ridden & driven and demonstrated what a large world we live in and how many places there are to explore!

Peoples fears were, she explained, one of the major reasons they don't do it. Other factors included equipment, knowledge, monies and of course time.

She went on to look at different ways to approach travel and the adventure that goes with it - even the bits that go wrong!

Pippa explained she had done both personlly planned tours and as a customer on arranged group tours, led by qualified guides, and the pro's and con's of both styles. Her preference was however the original old style - "Winging It"!

The presentation was enjoyed by all present, and it was a really excellent 'How to' for prospective tourers and adventurers.

The Power Point is available to view on the club website


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