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BikeSafe 2021 is GO!!

Humberside Police BikeSafe 2021 held it's inaugural event of the 2021 season on Saturday 15 May.

The initial event in April had been postponed due to Covid restrictions on amounts of people being able to meet.

The rescheduled event was still subject to the restrictions of the day with the classroom session being replaced with a distance leraning package for the attendees.

As usual, RoSPA Advanced Driver and Riders East Yorkshire (E-YARD) were one of the service providers in a partnership with the police team.

Our representatives were Advanced Tutors Denise "Rosie" Rose and Ian Streets who are both experienced in the delivery of BikeSafe through E-YARD

Here is Rosie's review of the day:

"Saturday 15 th May was when the initial Bikesafe for 2021 finally got underway.

This session was different in may ways to the previous Bikesafe sessions.

Firstly, it was run from the roads policing unit at Melton and was split into two

sessions, morning and afternoon.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions there was no classroom input, but an e-learning

package had been sent out to the candidates in advance.

As is usual, observers were briefed about the requirements from them while

undertaking the practical assessments and candidates assigned.

I introduced myself to my candidate outside the building, just as the rain

started, where, keeping socially distanced, I checked his documentation and

performed a basic eyesight test. We chatted, as bikers do, about previous and

present bikes and what had led us to being here on this day. We identified a

coffee stop and discussed a route to it that was familiar to both of us and off

we went.

The rain soon eased and made the ride more pleasant.

At the coffee stop we sat outside, in the sun, at opposite ends of a table and

discussed the ride up there. Highway Code interpretation and, as always, road

position was deliberated over coffee and cake. We also discussed the e-

learning package where my candidate felt that while informative it would have

been beneficial to have the opportunity to discuss and clarify one or two of the

points prior to the ride assessment. I suggested that he make that point in his

feedback of the session.

We had an uneventful ride back in mostly sun until closer to base where the

rain was still pouring down.

I completed my assessment form and fed back to my candidate and suggested

he looks at the options available to him in his area for advanced training.

In relation to COVID-19 I did not feel it had a major impact on my ability to

carry out a ride assessment, and because it was dry during the discussion being

outside would have been a choice anyway. I do agree with my candidate that a

classroom session is of benefit to discuss some of the finer points of safe riding


I was impressed with the venue, good parking, easy access to route options

depending on your candidates requirements and made to feel very welcome

by Humberside Police."

As the Covid restrictions continue to be lifted, BikeSafe will continue to be delivered by Humberside Police in partnership with E-YARD

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