2021 Review


Gripped by a worldwide pandemic, 2021 commenced in similar vain the 2020, with restrictions and lock-downs preventing any real form of social aspects, it was a lacklustre start to the year. On the plus side, things could only get better!

There was some exposure for E-YARD though in January, however, with two members featuring in RiDE/MCN


WIth horrendous cold weather and continued lock down, February was pretty much a write off with no activity allowed and not a lot to plan for!


As Spring began to open, so did the lock-down status, with government delivering their 'road-map' out of lock-down. E-YARD developed it's own road-map to recommence and published it for all the members on it's social media.

The club also arranged a deal for discount on all services with 5-Ways Motorcycle centre for all it's members


Towards the end of March the Tutor requalification process commenced, with the Advanced Tutors, Chris Hood, Denise Rose and Ian Streets check tested one another before then going on to check test the rest of the Tutor Hub.

Mid April we were allowed to meet in socially distanced groups of 6. This meant that E-YARD could commence some form of normal business.

As a result of this, a social rideout, called a Coddiwomple in the group, was arranged for the first Sunday after lockdown

20 members signed up and as such Covid compliant groups of no more than six set out on separate routes with the same dectination, Whitby and was enjoyed and blew a lot of cobwebs away!

A committee meeting decided that tutors would no longer be charged annual subscription due to the time they give up and the dual cost of RoSPA and E-YARD membership. A small price to pay for some very professional people.


As the 'rule of six' continued, a Coddiwomple on Sunday 9th May to the Yorkshire Cycle Hub attended by 8 members - in two groups of 4.

Thursday Night Trundles were reintorduced, again keeping to the covid standards.

Full tutoring also recommenced with Group Tutors keen to get back out there delivering what they were trained to do. Lockdown had actually seen an increase in membership creating a waiting list for tuition, and an aggressive recruitment programme to increase tutor numbers.