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August 2020 Review

August. Traditionally a fairly quiet month due to it being the main holiday season month. And ... weather!! Good old British Summertime!

With understandable reluctance to climb into a car with people outside your own social bubble, the car side of things was, unfortunately, non existent. This will no doubt start to change in the not too distant future as confidence, both associates and tutors starts to grow as the Covid situation starts to decline.

Dave and Christine Cross arranged for Claytons Corner to open late for the club on Monday 10 August. Very quiet on the Facebook page with confirmations, but on the night the place was (socially distance) packed! A great turnout to for a great venue.

Unfortunately the weather turned wet for a large amount of rest the month with storms blowing in from the west meaing high winds and torrential rain.

There were some highlights though, with Guy finding his way to Scotland for a quick break before the weather also broke

Hoody also made his way to the northern side of the border for an overnighter at the Buccleuch Arms in Moffat

Bike training went ahead, despite the changeable weather, with most of the tutors out delivering high quality ROSPA training to associates and assessing new riders.

Rosie, Norge, Mark K, Guy, Ian and Pippa all had their wards out with one or two approaching test time.

Plenty of other social riding took place when the rain eased off.

As a club reknowned for its inclusive and social side, some members really did hit some dizzy heights!

Pippa, Adam and Chris did a bit of sky diving, having got the bug at indoor sky diving in January. Think the rest of the club will stick to terra firma!

Jo, Vice Chairand group car tutor quietly obtained her Cat A motorcycle licence. Well done Lady Biker!

Bob Stephenson attained a Gold pass on test towards the end of the month. Well done Bob!

As the month drew to a close, the monthly group meeting went ahead at the Beverley Golf Club with a Q&A session entitled 'Ask The Examiner', Questions were invited from the group for the examiners, Hoody and John and included overtaking, speeding, how to deal with errors, newly dressed roads and temporary speed limits.

Did I say August had been a quiet month? Clearly it wasn't that quiet, but E-YARD are always active with something throughout the year - even in these strange 'new normal' times!

We now move into the Autumn and into the last month of the training season. Lots to look forward to, with planning over the next few months for the 2021 seasonevents planning and tutor training programme to progress.

Goodbye summer!

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