March 2020 Review

Strange times we are currently living in.

March 2020 saw the Pandemic of CoVid-19 - Novel Coronavirus hit the UK creating a virtual lock-down of normal life and business.

As March started the writing was on the wall in respect of what was coming, having seen the virus hit mainland Europe, particularly Italy, with awful levels of fatality, the Italian government responding with a nationwide lock-down to try and prevent it spreading.

The UK was told it was on a parallel path, and the government brought in social distancing advice.

As the month commenced however, E-YARD were still in full swing, preparing for the upcoming season, with Tutor Training and general training going ahead as normal.

A committee meeting was held on 3 March and along with other items the main discussion surrounded membership and seasonal training.

The committee decided that membership would run 1 April to 31 March annually and that any members joining at any time of the year would pay the full joining fee which includes all training material.

It was also decided that the training season would officially be 1 April to 31 October, although this would not preclude any tutors and associates training outside this period.

Ian Streets, Advanced Tutor took both trainee motorcycle tutors, Mike Allen and Paul Morton, out on training session, one playing stooge, the other delivering feedback as Ian observed and led the session.

On the same day, our Advanced Car Tutor, Dave Pattenden, re-qualified on his tri-annual test.

A few days later, RoSPA HQ advised that no further car testing would be authorised due to the CV-19 situation, but motorcycle testing could continue. E-YARD complied and advised accordingly, also recommending that all car training should be suspended too.

Monday 16 March, observing social distancing advice, a Tutor Theory Masterclass was delivered to current Trainee Tutors and, as a refresher, to current Tutors from both disciplines.

Meanwhile our very own Vice Chair, and car tutor, Jo passed her Mod 1 motorcycle test!