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Review February 2020

A very quiet month due, in large to the storm season getting into full flow with storms Ciara and Dennis, which led to severe flooding on a lot of our local roads.

Lots of planning going off in the back ground though, with the #RidetheWolds event being the main focus.

With Andy Brittan stepping down as Treasurer, the role was advertised within the group and Dave Richards has been selected to take over the reins.

Julian T and Jo B were out and about car tutoring despite the winds and floods!

Andy B, Kelvin and Paul M enjoyed a ride out to Marshalls Motorrad looking at shiny things during a dip in the weather, whilst Rosie delivered training to Neil F ending looking windswept and interesting!

There's no stopping E-YARD!

The group monthly meeting took place, as usual, at the Beverley Golf Club on the fourth Wednesday of the month.

New members, Chris and John were welcomed to the group, as was guest speaker Peter Riley from Airvest UK.

Peter demonstrated their company product, the Helite airvest, and spoke about its history and development, from a protective system for microlite pilots to horse riders and ultimately cyclists and motorcyclists.

The system works either electronically or mechanically, using a tether that when exerted to 33 kilos of pressure activates the vest inflation device. Reusable to at least 200 times (one would hope that if you crash a microlite, fall off a horse or crash a bike that many times your training hasn't sunk in!)

Members of E-YARD were so impressed, especially after having experienced a full inflation, that eight sales were made!

A very interesting evening, and demonstration of a great piece of safety equipment which included beating the wearers with a baseball bat!

The next meeting of RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders - East Yorkshire (E-YARD) will take place Wednesday 25 March and will incorporate the Annual General Meeting, notice of which is hereby given.

Weather permitting an organised rideout, a Coddiwomple, will be arranged and details published on the Facebook page

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