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Christmas Do '19!

It certainly was!

RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders East Yorkshire (E-YARD) celebrated the festive season in 'style' at the Beverley Golf Club, with a superb Christmas Dinner.

With a fabulous turnout, the club enjoyed the evening, which had been organised by Carolyne and Julia.

As the 'DJ' played his (not quite that festive!) tunes, Turkey and Beef Christmas dinners were enjoyed by the attendees, with the exception of the non meat eaters who were looked after by Chrissie, the steward of the Golf Club's chefs, with an amazing Vegan platter.

Cracker pulling revealed the usual terrible jokes and ill fitting paper hats, as well as the cracker gifts - the Secretary was really thrown by the 20 piece santa-puzzle, a minute a piece to complete...

Secret Santa presents were brought by all the revellers and delivered by Carolyne and Hoody to everyone, who selected a random pressie from the sleigh box!

A variety of fun and/or practical gifts were enjoyed, with Kelvin being the lucky recipient of something to keep him warm on the winter nights!

The Queen of Tea was lucky enough to draw the tea set (only because it was the biggest box!) whilst Andy B, our Unicorn Princess, also drew out an appropriate lego set!

We are assured that Carolyne will find her secret Santa gift useful, and that, despite some observations, it is infact an exhaust plug...

All in all, the gang partied well, enjoying the spirit of the season and laughing all the way to the end of the night!

Merry Christmas!!!

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