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October 19 Review

October 2019 provided some pretty awful weather, but the stalwarts of the group weren't put off by this!

The monthly ride-out went ahead from Beverley Golf Club, heading south cross country, but was shortened after Rosie, Andy T, Ivan, Andy B and Rod reached Uncle Henry's near Kirton Lindsey resembling drowned rats!

Undeterred, Rosie, Andy B and Andy J did it all again a couple of days later heading to Squires.

The Terrible Trio!

The development of the Events and Social Team continued, with some published guidelines being decided. These are published on the website. The Events and Social Team (E-YARD EaST?) had an initial sit down and discussion about preparing a calendar of events and organising the Christmas Do!

With John Wright having stood down as Chair, an Extraordinary General Meeting was held prior to the Monthly Meeting on 23 October at Beverley Golf Club.

A vote was taken on the proposal of Mark Kelk becoming the new Chair and he was unanimously elected - Welcome Mark!

The monthly meeting continued after the EGM with a presentation by Sue Smith (a member of E-YARD) and Kev Worth from Safer Roads Humber (see pictue above) and their work in Education, Engagement and Enforcement, including a look at he speed camera van and it's equipment!

The session saw some interesting questions from the floor and dispelled some myths surrounding their work, aims and objectives.

The quarterly magazine of RoSPA - Care on the Road had a full page feature on E-YARD bike tutor, Pippas experiment in bike to car skill transference - an intersting and amusing read!

As October drew to a close, Sue Smith (already featured!) took her Advanced car test on Halloween qualifying as an advanced car driver. Well done Sue!

The November meeting of the group will be at 1930, Wednesday 27 November at Beverley Golf Club.

The Events and Social Team are selling raffle tickets for a prize draw, to be held in January, tickets are a pound and available from Chris or Dave Cross (contact through Facebook/Messenger) or at the meeting.

Carolyne Fearon has arranged the group Christmas 'Do' for Saturday 7 December, cost is £23.95 for a full three course meal - should be a great get together. Contact Carolyne on Facebook/Messenger or see her at the meeting - £10 deposit secures your place!

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