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October 19 Monthly Meeting

RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders East Yorkshire (E-YARD) held it's monthly meeting at Beverley Golf Club on the fourth Wednesday of the month.

This months guests were members of the Safer Roads Humber Team, Sue Smith and Kev Worth.

Sue is the Casualty Reduction Officer for the team, which is a partnership of Humberside Fire and Rescue, and Humberside Police.

The presentation looked their engagement activities, enforcement techniques and the background behind them as well as the current casualty statistics.

The presentation ended with members of E-YARD being invited to look at the equipment and a vehicle used by the partnership for enforcement activity.

The scheduled meeting overran due to the interest the presentation generated with questions from the floor.

An excellent evening for all in attendance.

For more information about Safer Roads Humber check their website:

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