European Connections

For the third year in a row RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders East Yorkshire (E-YARD) organised a European Tour, cheekily called the Tea Bag Tour (there are several reasons!) for 2019.

A meet and greet before fueling and boarding was arranged at Mount Pleasant in Hull where Rosie waved the intrepid travellers off

Traveling out from Hull on Pride of Brugge the eight bikes and ten members arrived in Zeebrugge on Saturday 7 September

Traveling through Belgium without touching any Autoroutes, lunch was taken at Arras.

The first night was spent in the beautiful city of Nancy, France

Sunday saw an early start as the group head south toward Southern Germany.

A ride down the famous from Baden Baden along the B500 to Freudenstadt saw the weather turn from pleasant to torrential rain! Arrival at Ruchti's Hotel in Fussen was late due to the terrible weather, but wet kit off was followed by pizza and beer in the town centre!

The following day started wet but improved as Ivan and Hoody rode out of Germany and into Austria riding the picturesque Plansee road from Reutte to Ethal and then onto Garmisch-Partenkirschen

Others spent the day exploring Fussen or visiting Munich - apparently it all got a bit messy!

There was of course, cake....

A turn in weather on Tuesday saw the whole group out riding, Brackie and Libby heading to Italy and detours due to snow up to Stelvio!

The rest of the team did the Plansee again, before the Zugspitz Arena and Warth.

The final day riding in before heading north again head into Austria covering some of the most stunning passes in the area, more cake and then even more passes!

Wasselone in France was the next stopover, again, avoiding Autobahns.

A brief stop to honour the fallen as the group visited the Maginot Defence Line

A visit to Saarbrucken Motorrad BMW catching up the service team who had rescued Hoody's bike the year before when he broke down was enjoyed and publicised by the dealership!