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Coddiwomple May...

Well the day started off dry but chilly when we met at Beverley Golf Club for breakfast. Once fueled up with food and all but one bike fueled up with Petrol (the first P in our POWDDERSSY checks) we set off via Malton to our first stop that was Yorkshire Lavender. With fantastic sunny and clear views over the Howardian Hills we all enjoyed the obligatory slice of cake.

Leaving there we headed for Manor Cafe in Bellerby. A route had been planned to take in the villages of Coxwold and Little Thirkleby but Sally Sat Nav had other ideas. With an impromptu pause in Thirsk for one of the group to fuel their bike up, we then enjoyed some relatively traffic free roads through Masham and onto Leyburn where some other group members took the opportunity to top up with fuel before we continued on and topped up with food at Bellerby.

Following a round table discussion of our next leg it was decided to attempt to override sally sat nav and head to Sleights via Richmond and overall we enjoyed some very nice curvy roads. Skipping over roundabout purgatory at Middlesbrough we soon arrived at a sunny but chilly Perry’s Plants and cafe where we all enjoyed some very fine ice cream (some more than others !)

For the final leg back to Fimber we were depleted by three +pillion as they peeled off homeward bound.

A nice round 230 miles for me and a vow once I retire to sort sally sat nav out properly. One bonus was that we never found any of the wet stuff today

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