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April Review '19

April started off like a lamb, as the expression goes, with a quiet calendar filled only with a little tutoring.

However, in the background things were hectic as the group prepared for a busy mid April weekend.

A lot of liaison between the Secretary, Chris H and Safer Roads Humber resulted in a strategic and comprehensive social media advertising campaign to promote #ridethewolds, the advanced taster day.

As the day grew closer Chris was interviewed by BBC Radio Humberside, Great Driffield Radio and That's TV Humber, along with Mark K.

However the weekend of the event also saw E-YARD (RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders East Yorkshire) supporting 5-Ways Motorcycle Centre on their Yamaha MT Demo Day, a national event to promote the MT range of motorcycles.

Members of E-YARD led riders over a pre-set route to demonstrate the flexibility of the MT range. It allowed them to see how advanced riders performed and for the group to reach an audience that differed from the usual candidates.

It was also the first time the new promotional banner had been deployed! Seemed a good opportunity for some publicity shots!

Sleep, Eat, Repeat! The following day was #ridethewolds which saw most of the tutor team and several members and associates delivering the event at Wolds Way Cafe.

The idea was to offer free observed ride outs as a taster as to what advanced riding is about and to give some advice and tips. It was also an opportunity to try and recruit new associates.

Supported by 5-Ways Motorcycles, Miles Kingsport Motorcycles, Safer Roads Humber, East Riding County Council Road Safety Team, SW Bikes, Visorcat, DM Keith and Acklams Coaches as well as other advanced groups from North Yorkshire and Hull.

18 ride-outs were provided.

The following weekend was Easter, which saw the best weather ever recorded.

The group in various formats were out all weekend!

No formal tutoring but plenty of group riding with associates, members, tutors and examiners which will subconsciously have benefited all parties.

Wednesday 24 was the monthly group meeting at the Beverley Golf Club, where chair, Norge Wright welcomed Rachel and Astrid from the British Horse Society who gave an interesting, "neigh" fascinating, insight into the psyche of horses and the reason for their behaviour, and how best to deal with them whilst sharing the roads

(Apologies for the shirt....)

Saturday 27 April saw the inaugural BikeSafe of 2019 from Humberside Police, with Pippa and Jules representing E-YARD, on a full workshop.

21 hours of car training was voluntarily given, along with 25 hours formal tutoring on the bikes along with around six hours on #ridethewolds and the 6 hours at BikeSafe, making around 55 hours in total for the Tutor Hub.

A new merchandise section was also launched on the website offering the vast array of garments available to the members and associate members of E-YARD

The monthly group meeting for May will take place at 1930 Wednesday 22 May

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