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#ridethewolds - The Big Day!

Half past seven. 3 degrees on the top of the Yorkshire Wolds. Biting wind coming in from the east. Mark K is on site alone assembling the gazebo!

An hour later and the site is starting to buzz as Hoody turns up and SW Motorcycles pitch next to the E-YARD (RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders East Yorkshire) is being assembled and their classic race bikes are being unloaded for display.

Shortly afterwards, the Safer Roads Humber and East Riding Road Safety Team are in attendance and setting up, alongside 5-Ways Motorcycle Centre and Miles Kingsport Motorcycles and Visorcat - all the way from Scotland!

DM Keith Skoda, Ian Speight and Acklams Coaches completed the exhibitors

By 10am, the first riders booked onto the free observed rides started to arrive and were briefed before heading out for their session.

As the morning continued the bike parking became full and after the initial 9 pre-booked riders had been allocated and ridden out, a further nine riders signed up with the Registration team for observed rides

(The 'Oxford Girls' Julia & Carolyne, part of the registration team)

The event was well attended, inspite of changeable weather conditions, with a full bike park all the way through to mid afternoon, and appeared to include a bike riding unicorn!

#ridethewolds even had a visit from Great Driffield Radio covering the event live!

The day was really successful with all riders taking out at least one person for an observed ride.

Mick from the Wolds Way Cafe was kept busy all day on the grill too!

The E-YARD team certainly enjoyed the day!

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