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Amended Group Name

E-YARD, East Yorkshire Advanced Riders & Drivers, was re-launched almost two years ago, described as 'rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of East Riding of Yorkshire RoADAR Group'!

It was branded as E-YARD, to give the group an identity with an easy to remember and 'catchy' name, reflecting a strong local connection and a memorable, easily identifiable logo.

Whilst E-YARD was doing so, and has since been growing, RoSPA's Advanced Driver & Riders team were going through a similar re-brand and identification process, resulting in the current branding of RoADAR.

In order for potential members to find their local group, RoADAR HQ have standardised the branding of all groups across the network, providing appropriate corporate artwork and image branding.

This follows the formula of 'RoSPA' - 'Advanced Drivers And Riders' - 'Area Name'

E-YARD has been slowly migrating to the revised RoADAR branding, whilst retaining our own locally recognisable identity.

From now on, the 'official' RoADAR standardised logo will take precedence but our E-YARD identity will be retained as a sub-heading/logo.

The advantage of adopting the RoADAR corporate approach is the ease in finding us as a local group for people seeking Advanced Car and Bike tuition.

Retaining our E-YARD or East Yorkshire Advanced Riders and Drivers as a sub heading will allow searching under both names leading to the same locations - the website, RoADAR's website, Facebook and other social media.

E-YARD will not be dropped, as it is the DNA of the group.

We will continue to use both with pride, as a locally based, well known and respected group delivering the best quality training available and as an integral member of a nationally/internationally recognised organisation that underpins the integrity of what we provide.

The group Facebook page is now renamed as RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders East Yorkshire (E-YARD)

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