2018 Review - Golds, Trips, Shows & Collaboration!


RoADAR East Yorkshire E-YARD opened the year with some fantastic news, becoming the very first fully accredited RoADAR Group ever!

The new process for accrediting and professionalising RoADAR groups was commenced during the previous year with the accreditations being issued in 2018.

Certification was presented to the group at the following meeting.

The meeting also saw Rosie (Denise Rose) deliver a presentation on 'The System' as part of E-YARD's ongoing Tutor development programme.

January saw the qualification of a new Group Car Tutor in the form of Jo Bowers.

Jo joined Dave Pattenden's car tutors team boosting it's compliment to five.

Mid January saw the MCIA (Motorcycle Trade Industry Association) Annual Trade Show held at Stoneleigh House near Coventry.

E-YARD were invited as one of the RoADAR groups to represent the network of RoSPA at the show.

Chris Hood and Rosie attended to fly the flag and carried out some great networking and obtaining ideas to progress the group forward.

January closed with the groups first Advanced Driving tests of the year, the honours of which fell on members Andy Dolman & Daniel Ball.