2018 Review - Golds, Trips, Shows & Collaboration!


RoADAR East Yorkshire E-YARD opened the year with some fantastic news, becoming the very first fully accredited RoADAR Group ever!

The new process for accrediting and professionalising RoADAR groups was commenced during the previous year with the accreditations being issued in 2018.

Certification was presented to the group at the following meeting.

The meeting also saw Rosie (Denise Rose) deliver a presentation on 'The System' as part of E-YARD's ongoing Tutor development programme.

January saw the qualification of a new Group Car Tutor in the form of Jo Bowers.

Jo joined Dave Pattenden's car tutors team boosting it's compliment to five.

Mid January saw the MCIA (Motorcycle Trade Industry Association) Annual Trade Show held at Stoneleigh House near Coventry.

E-YARD were invited as one of the RoADAR groups to represent the network of RoSPA at the show.

Chris Hood and Rosie attended to fly the flag and carried out some great networking and obtaining ideas to progress the group forward.

January closed with the groups first Advanced Driving tests of the year, the honours of which fell on members Andy Dolman & Daniel Ball.


A quiet month overall, but members were still out and about in weather that varied from monsoon to blizzard and everything inbetween!

Training continued through the month with both car and bike tutors being kept busy as new associates undertook their training and current ones continued under the watchful eyes of Dave P, Jules and Rosie

For the motorcyclists a deal was struck by E-YARD with Visorcat, a wash-wipe system for visor clearing which has since been rolled out to RoSPA members nationally with a discount scheme.

RoSPA Advanced Drivers & Riders magazine, Care on the Road published the E-YARD Progressive Driver Program report along with pictures of members, Andy Trevor, Jo Bowers, Alwyn Tolson and Chris Hood.

Un-seasonally pleasant weather resulted in an impromptu Sunday run out on the bikes early in the month.

A ride over the North Yorkshire Moors via Grosmont and Goathland before tea at Thornton le Dale was enjoyed, but the temperature plummeted to 0 degrees as the sun hit the horizon!

This heralded a massive shift in the weather seeing the group meeting scheduled for the last day of the month having to be cancelled due to 'The Beast from the East' a severe weather front which decided to arrive on the last day of winter!

Regretfully this meant the group couldn't enjoy a presentation from author and editor, Simon Weir on motoring magazine production and European touring.


The weather continued with a vengance - freezing conditions, snow storms, torrential rain.

As a result of this there was very little training arranged.

The opportunity was, however taken, to populate the diary and publish ride and drive outs and other events as the anticipation of better weather was anxiously awaited.

Dave Pattenden celebrated a 'significant' birthday by completing a charity swim for Dove House Hospice - not RoSPA related, but a noble cause all the same.

A committee meeting was held and a decision was made to produce some promotional material, including banners for event display in both disciplines.

These were duly delivered in readiness for what was looking like a busy season ahead.

Bad news was also reported at the beginning of the month when it was reported that the popular destination, Hartside Cafe, in Cumbria had been destroyed by fire. This had been the destination for one of the planned summer events

Better news though was a request from 5-Ways Motorcycle Centre for E-YARD to assist with escorted rides on the Yamaha MT Demo Weekend, Good Friday and Easter Saturday.

Rosie, Norge and Jules did the honours taking over twenty riders over a set route to experience the MT range of Yamaha motorcycles.

The monthly meeting saw Safer Roads Humber, with Dale Turrell, present how they deliver their message and save lives through Education and Enforcement.

Members were given the opportunity to experience a virtual road collision was an interesting experience.process to go through.

A mainly mainly administrative month, dictated by awful weather, but for E-YARD it was a chance to plan and prepare for the eventual arrival of Spring and Summer, with a full program to cover everyones requirements!


As April arrived, a shift in weather and the start of Spring meant E-YARD didn't have time to remain stationary!

It was all go as the group had exposure in the 'Cottingham Times' free local monthly magazine.

Further exposure came with an article in the RoSPA Care on the Road magazine by Chris Hood

April also saw the arrival of the latest range of approved E-YARD apparel, plain navy collared shirts made of a wicking material which are worn by all tutors and were made available to all members. They are a smart shirt for both car associates and tutors as well as a practical garment for motorcycle members. The range also extended to hats and jackets, all emblazoned with the group legend. A T Shirt option was also offered with a white blaze on it.

April 'showers' at the start of the month didn't deter the tutors and associates getting out there, brushing off the winter blues and polishing skills. The inaugural Breakfast Club rideout took place on the first Sunday visiting Lincolnshire and dining at the Dam Buster pub before visiting the Bomber Command Memorial and tutoring got under way wholesale.

Months in the planning, E-YARD's season starter, 'Advanced Taster Day' came to fruition, with representatives from other advanced riding providers, North Yorkshire's ARNY (RoSPA), Kingston upon Hull's HERAM (IAM RoadSmart group) and BikeSafe practitioners assisting and promoting the advantages of enhancing riding skills.

This was the second Sunday of the month and saw a fantastic turnout for it with brilliant weather and conditions for the riders enjoying the day.

A great team effort from all involved made for a successful day with some great exposure.

As the month continued, several new members were welcomed, new training plans formulated and membership renewals made.

Humberside BikeSafe initiative commenced at the close of April with E-YARD supplying tutors for the inaugural session in the form of John 'Norge' Wright and Rosie

This continued exposure and involvement in this initiative continued to raise the group profile through the year, and sold the of the benefits of advanced riding.

The group AGM took place at the end of the month and saw the committee voted in with no changes, John Wright continued as Chair, Chris Hood the Secretary, Andy Brittan the Treasurer, Denise Rose Membership Secretary and Julian Taylor, Training Officer.

April was a great month for E-YARD, and set the group up for a brilliant forthcoming year.


May saw the good weather arrive and the Breakfast Club ride out kicked it off.

The planned route was hastily changed due to a small event - Tour De Yorkshire - using the roads planned by E-YARD!

A diversion north was made and a great ride was enjoyed by all.

Urban Glow, the suppliers of E-YARD motorcycle tutors training vests, released a Facebook 'Focus On' advanced training featuring E-YARD.

This was even more great exposure for the group and RoSPA

Whilst training went on with both car and bike associates, the Annual E-YARD road trip saw Hoody, Rosie, Andy B and Jo head to Europe on a bike trip.

The trip saw mixed weather but great riding in the Alps and Tyrol

The group monthly meeting was an informative and interesting talk from Dave Burton, the retired head of Humberside Police Driver Training.

Dave recounted some stories of his police days and how police driver training is delivered

He then took questions about police driver training and it was a brilliant night with a large turnout from the group.

Stalwart member Alwyn went took his IAM RoadSmart test qualifying with an IAM 'First' to join his RoADAR Gold, a great result that E-YARD will take some credit for!

E-YARD continued to support the Humberside Police BikeSafe initiative with Rosie and Julian delivering assessment rides for candidates attending.the May session of BikeSafe


June commenced with lovely sunny weather for the monthly Breakfast Club ride out. Led by Rosie, the group headed off toward Thirsk for a cuppa and then on to Hawes for cheese at the Wensleydale Creamery - Cracking!

As usual, the run didn't go as expected with a collapsing road near Skipton!

The start of the month also saw new member Mark Kelk acheive a Gold motorcycle grading.

Mark thanked those involved in his training stating "I've been given that much support by everyone."

E-YARD once again found some national exposure in the RoSPA Care on the Road magazine. The publication reported on the Advanced Taster Day in April

E-YARD welcomed a plethora of new members Kerry McManus, Ivan Smy, David Ward, Rod McAndrew, Darryl Colville, Phil Ward and Dave Richards - Phew!!

Humberside Police and Safer Roads Humber continued with their BikeSafe program with the third session of the season and Julian Taylor and Rosie represented RoADAR East Yorkshire E-YARD

Mid June saw associate members Carolyne Fearon and best friend Julia Nendick completing the 500 mile Iron Butt challenge for Royal British Legion

Carolyne sought more fame in the MCN (Motorcycle News) with an article on her favourite route

Julian and Rosie really did put the hours in this month with a second BikeSafe at the end of the month attracting the following comment from Howie Fordham the BikeSafe lead

"Please forward my thanks to Rosie and Julian for their support at todays workshop. It was a good day with nine candidates and hopefully some will go onto further training"

As June started to draw to a close E-YARD continued to deliver with a Gold pass for Ian Streets.

The monthly meeting saw Andy Trevor deliver a presentation on Stopping Distances.

In Carolyne Fearons words the meeting was"Fab"


Summer 2018 was recorded as the hottest summer on record and as the heat rose E-YARD were blazing a trail at the annual Crowle Emergency Services Rescue Day!

Arranged through the Fire Service and other local emergency services E-YARD were invited as part of the Road Safety message

Jo, Julia, Carolyne & Mark represented RoADAR East Yorkshire engaging the public and spreading the word!

Once again Julian and Rosie assisted Humberside BikeSafe on a sell out workshop on Saturday 14 July.

As summer rolled on, another Gold pass was acheived by Martin Bleasby, who then followed this up with a Group Motorcycle Tutor qualification!

The 2018 Driffield show took place on Wednesday 18 July and saw an 'Events Team' of four, Andy T, Dave P, Julia and Jo from E-YARD representing the group and RoSPA with our partners on the Safer Roads Humber stand.

Dave Hardwick qualified as Group Bike Tutor and he was joined in this role by Ian Streets.

Celebratory cream cakes were enjoyed!

As the month drew to a close E-YARD attended the last of the July public events, the Veterans Weekend at East Park, Hull

Again Safer Roads Humber hosted our team of three - Jo, Julia and Sylvia

July really was festival season for RoADAR East Yorkshire!


The first couple of days of August saw Julian T crediting himself with a gold car standard test and Andy B replicating his own car gold with a bike one!

Julians qualification also doubled as his Group Tutor requalification and new certification.

The Breakfast Club rideout took the group to Cheshire and the Anderton Boat lift. An epic ride in extremely hot weather. Guest riders joined the group from IAM and other RoSPA group

Training continued with Rosie being prolific in her delivery to associates!

Getting out with Julia, Paul, and Dave K in addition to initial assessment of Darryl.

She continued her commitments with Humberside BikeSafe as well!

August monthly meeting took place at East Coast, which would be the final time with a big turnout for RiDE magazine's Simon Weir as guest speaker who gave a very interesting insight into how motorcycles are tested for review, how product launches are conducted

As the end of August approached the group had a final Thursday evening meet up.

Dave Hardwick led the gang on a Long Way Round trip to South Cave and the Zoom-Zoom Cafe.


September continued to be sunny and hot which made for a good September Breakfast Club ride out.

Setting off from Beverley and heading to deepest Lincolnshire, E-YARD members were again joined by guests from the North Yorkshire group, Pippa Unwin and Malcolm Lockyer.

Jo Bowers became the Vice Chair of the group providing support for the Chair and deputising in the chair' absence

Long time member and group tutor Peter Gill had a serious injury which has left him unable to drive.


In recognition of his contributions to E-YARD he was presented with a Certificate of Recognition by Jo Bowers, and is now a lifetime member of E-YARD and will continue to contribute to the group in an advisory capacity.

RoADAR East Yorkshire E-YARD welcomed Pippa Unwin to the group following her social ride with the group Breakfast Club

Other new members welcomed to E-YARD this month were Charlie Lazenby, Simon Bryer and Roger Smelt.

Saturday 8 September saw "Kawasaki Dave" Knowles achieve a well deserved Gold pass in atrocious wet weather conditions. Brilliant result Dave! Congratulations on your brilliant achievement.

The Tutor Team had a long weekend in Scotland mid month, with eight members attending

There was a written exam on the Saturday morning followed by assessing and performance review, which continued into the Sunday.

Staying in Dumfries E-YARD met up with members of the North Cumbria and South West Scotland RoSPA group for some combined training and exchange of ideas.