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Monthly Group Meet - September

A change of monthly venue saw E-YARD meet for the first time at Beverley and East Yorkshire Golf Club.

A good turn out with Michael Brandi delivering a talk on vehicle detailing, how to keep your vehicle looking factory fresh with correct cleaning regimes and products.

The meeting celebrated the success of Mark and Andy achieving Group Tutor status, Rosie, Ian and Dave their Advanced Tutor status, Dave Knowles Gold pass and welcomed Pippa Unwin, Phil Ward and Charlie Lazenby as new members - all bike!

A big thank you for access to the facility to the Secretary of Beverley Golf Club, Andy Webster for his support for the group.

The new venue is ideally suited for the group, with a good size room available for E-YARD, drinks and fresh food.

The next monthly meeting is Wednesday 24 October at the Golf Club.

The Breakfast Club Rideout will start at 0800 Sunday 14 October meeting at the Golf Club.

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