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Driffield Show

The 2018 Driffield Show took place on another gloriously sunny day!

E-YARD were invited to represent RoSPA's interests again, being part of the Safer Roads Humber stand.

Plenty of engagement with attendees from the team of Andy T, Dave P, Jo and Julia (see above picture) with plenty of interest in what we do and several people considering coming along and getting advanced tuition.

Julia's reputation caught up with her as the local armed response officers got to grips with her!

On a serious note, engagement with the public covered not only our advanced tuition application, but also engagement with older drivers looking for assessment under the Experienced Drivers Assessment scheme run by RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders.

This has been popular since the screening of 100 Year Drivers broadcast last year.

A good and productive day was had by one and all.

It was noted though that Andy T let the side down with a severe lack of beige shorts!

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