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April Review

As April arrived, E-YARD didn't have time to bask in the glory of the Yamaha MT launch at the end of March!

It was all go as the group prepared for the start of the motorcycling season with an initial mention in the 'Cottingham Times' free local monthly magazine.

April also saw the arrival of the latest range of approved E-YARD apparel, which will be supplied by order in the future. The new apparel is a plain navy collared shirt made of a wicking material. It makes a smart shirt for both car associates and tutors as well as a practical garment for motorcycle members.

The hats are a high quality beanie item made of an acrylic woolen knit.

Softshell jackets are also available.

Orders will be placed for any items every three months. Members who would like to order any of the garments should contact the secretary for further details. (

April 'showers' at the start of the month didn't deter the tutors and associates getting out there, but may have spoilt some of the planned routes as Norge and poster girl (see below!) Carolyne discovered. No Doubt Rosie would have given it a go, but discretion was the better part of valour!

Months in the planning, E-YARD's season starter, 'Advanced Taster Day' started to come to fruition, with representatives from other advanced riding providers, North Yorkshire's ARNY (RoSPA), Kingston upon Hull's HERAM (IAM RoadSmart group) and BikeSafe practitioners assisting and promoting the advantages of enhancing riding skills.

Preparations started a couple of days before with Carolyne, Julia (we'll get to the poster girls shortly!), Rosie and Hoody, getting the display ready at East Coast Motorcycle World.

Before the Advanced Taster Day the group 'Breakfast Club' rideout took place on Saturday 14th, commencing at 8am for breakfast at East Coast, then taking a ride through to Howden then on to lunch at the Dambusters pub in Scampton before visiting the International Bomber Command Centre memorial in Lincoln.

The idea was to open an organised ride up to the public, along with E-YARD tutors, associates and members for a social ride out, to show the greater social, safety and fun side of advanced riding to all.

The Sunday (15th) saw a fantastic turnout for the Taster Day with brilliant weather and conditions for the riders enjoying the day.

The Advanced Taster Day was combined with ECMW Annual Bike Festival and saw all the tutors and BikeSafe team getting at least two rides a piece to give riders their 'taste'

With Jo running the booking forms assisted by the (here it comes!) poster girls Julia and Carolyne, (and the not so poster friendly and Andy T, and Hoody & Andy B -not pictured)) everyone seemed happy!

A great team effort from all involved made for a successful day with some great exposure.

The group's exposure continued with some media publicity in the RoSPA 'Care on the Road' once again carrying a feature from E-YARD, this time an article from secretary Chris (Hoody) Hood regarding Spring preparation for riders after the Winter lay off.

As the month continued, several new members were welcomed, new training plans formulated and membership renewals made.

Welcome to Mark Kelk and Paul Morton.

Tutor sessions on both car and bike side continued and associates got some great experience from the team, Dave Pattenden, Rosie, Norge, Jules and Jo

Humberside BikeSafe initiative commenced at the close of APril too, with E-YARD supplying tutors for the inaugural session in the form of Norge and Rosie

This continued exposure and involvement in this initiative will continue to raise our profile and that of the benefits of advanced riding.

The group AGM took place at the end of the month and saw the committee voted in with no changes, John Wright (Norge) continues as Chair, Chris Hood the Secretary, Andy Brittan is now the Treasurer, Denise Rose (Rosie) Membership Secretary and Julian Taylor, Training Officer.

April was a great month for E-YARD, and seems to have set the group up for a brilliant year ahead.

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