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Advanced Taster Day 2018

Several months in the making, but with the power of the first decent weather of 2018 RoSPA East Yorkshire Advanced Riders & Drivers big event was a roaring success!

The idea was a simple one. Have an open "Advanced Taster Day" at the beginning of the biking season at a local dealership and biker hotspot.

Open it to anyone and take them on an assessed ride, give them a taste of what it's all about.

The hope was this may inspire some recruits to the group, but even if not, give some life saving pointers at the start of the year.

As well as the tutors from E-YARD, Denise Rose, Julian Taylor and John Wright, the North Yorkshire RoSPA group ARNY were invited to send a couple of tutors, as were the local Hull IAM group HERAM.

BikeSafe Humberside were also invited likewise.

As the group started to advertise the event on social media and with the help of the dealership, East Coast Motorcycle World, it quickly became apparent that it would be a potentially busy day, and formal time slots were allocated. The dealership decided it would create a Bike Festival around the "Advanced Taster Day" and advertised it nationally in the motorcycle press

On the day of the event 16 riders took up the opportunity to ride out with the team which consisted of the three E-YARD tutors along with Steve Potts and Phill Bates from ARNY, Graham Ward and Steve Cox of HERAM and PC's Simon Bell and Amos Goldsmith representing BikeSafe

E-YARDs Chris Hood and Jo Bowers handled the allocation and administration on the day, with Carolyne Fearon, Julia Nendick and Andy Brittan recruiting visitors to sign up!

Additionally, Safer Roads Humber attended with a display tent and virtual reality demonstrations and Visorcat visor wipe systems demonstrated their product

A couple of bouncy castles and lots of loud music and good grub added to the festival feel of the day.

The event was a great success and importantly showed how neighbouring groups could work in a cohesive manner, even from different organisations.

At the time of 'going to press' at least four of the riders had signed up for group memberships.

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