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January Review

Mid winter. Post Christmas. Dark nights. Short days. Horrid weather.

Newsworthy? Not normally, but this is E-YARD.

After the Christmas and New Year period, the expectations were, understandably, low for January.

However, after a New Years day ride out with a couple of members, it became business as normal as a new recruit came on board.

Welcome to John Burton, who was taken out by Julian and Chris for an assessment on some interesting roads and conditions!

The Motorcycle trade had their annual Expo at Stoneleigh Park, West Midlands, and E-YARD were one of three groups asked to represent RoSPA as part of the MCIA (Motor Cycle Industry Association) on the Knowledge stand, along with DVSA (Driver Vehicle Standards Agency).

Chris and Rosie went as the group representatives, raising the group profile as well as that of RoSPA on the national level.

After returning from the Expo, more good news awaited!

E-YARD became the first RoADAR group to be fully accredited and certified under the new RoSPA accreditation process.

New Year - New Meeting Schedule!

Following the loss of our Tuesday night slot due to opening hours changing at East Coast Motorcycle World, E-YARD held it's first group meeting of 2018 on what will be it's regular meeting day and location - fourth Wednesday of the month at East Coast Motorcycle World.

The meeting saw the presentation of the Accreditation Certificate formally to the group.

The meeting also saw Rosie deliver a presentation on the 'Information' stage of 'The System' to a packed house (not bad for the depths of winter!)

The presentation formed part of Rosie's ongoing accreditation/re-accreditation under E-YARD's Tutor Program - something that helped the group attain it's certification.

As the month drew to a close, a new Group Car Tutor qualified in the shape of Jo Bowers.

Jo has been through the full new process for E-YARD Group Tutors, following a program that included a written theory test, a gold standard drive and feedback / assessment practical.

The month didn't end here though!

On the last weekend of January, Andy Dolman and Daniel Ball took their RoADAR car tests.

Both passed and became full members, Andy with a Silver grade and Daniel with a Gold.

Not a bad 'miserable January' for E-YARD all in all!

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