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Motorcycle Expo 2018

(Coventry Advanced Riders, DVSA and E-YARD on the stand)

The national Motorcycle Trade Exposition, an annual event for the trade held at the start of the year, introducing traders to new product ranges for upcoming season, was held at Stoneleigh Park near Coventry from Sunday 14 to Tuesday 16 January 2018.

Part of the Expo is a knowledge centre. Stands in this area cover subjects such as the SHARP testing of helmets, DVLA registration services and, where we come into this, a stand dedicated to training.

E-YARD were invited to assist on the stand along with other RoADAR groups, Coventry Advanced Riders and West Midlands Advanced Riders, in addition to DVSA and MAG (Motorcycle Action Group)

Chris Hood and Denise Rose represented E-YARD over the course of the event, promoting RoADAR nationally as well as locally.

Chris and Rosie visited many of the trade stands in the Expo and liaised with the traders, such as Oxford Products, Bike-It, Visorcat with a view to RoADAR and advanced riding being promoted by these companies to their dealer networks.

Other exposure included numerous motorcycle trainers attending the stand regarding new learner legislation, which afforded an opportunity to ask the schools to invite their post test students to consider advanced tuition through the network of RoADAR groups.

Visitors to the stand also included Lembit Opek, former MP and MAG representative (and reality TV star) and Simon Weir, editor of the national motorcycle publication, RiDE Magazine, and several other magazine and website writers and producers.

Exposure to the MCIA (Motorcycle Industry Association) was another benefit of the event.

The Expo was an excellent opportunity to liaise with the other RoADAR groups and swap ideas, techniques and generally learn from one another how different groups deliver the 'product'.

All in all a worthwhile few days, and a bonus was a fresh supply of numerous branded pens!

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