2017 Review - Part Two!

July - Mid summer, seemed like good timing to look at sharing the road.

The group meeting welcomed a couple of guest speakers from the equine fraternity.

Who knew 'osses were frightened of pigs?!!

Motorcycle tutors were issued with easily identifiable training vests. These vests are the same as RoSPA HQ issue to Diploma instructors and present a professional and corporate look to E-YARD.

The monthly ride out saw E-YARD take a trip south around Lincolnshire and the East Midlands.

Car training continued to expand, with Dave Pattenden and Julian Taylor being rushed off their feet! Andy Trevor was also busy, but he also became a trainee too - commencing his bike training!

Another pass for the group came with Nick Houlden acheiving his RoADAR car qualification

August was a fairly quiet month, as school holidays and family vacations time kicked in.

What did arrive though was the car tutors 'uniform'!

As the bike side was all kitted out the committee decided the car tutors should be given the 'corporate look' treatment.

The group meeting revolved around a presentation on Tyre/Grip Trade Off and the welcoming of several new members to the group.

As the summer drew to a close, September became one of the busiest months for E-YARD.

The group were approached by the Hull Rotary club to give a presentation on Advanced Driving and the Older Driver. Julian Taylor did the honours, and this fitted in well with the theme for the rest of the month!

RoSPA were featured on ITV with a programme about 100 year old drivers - looking at older drivers, assessing them with RoADAR examiners.