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NYE Rideout

Well it seemed like a good idea at the time!

During the 'Twixtmas' break, our secretary, Chris, had a look at the weather forecast for New Years Eve and it looked good!!

Posting an 'Event' on Facebook resulted in half a dozen E-YARD members braving the glorious sunshine but bitter cold for a final ride out of the year!

Chris noticed that other groups, ARNY (Advanced Rider North Yorkshire RoADAR) and HERAM (Hull East Riding Advanced Motorcyclists IAM) were also planning similar - so arrangements were made to have a 'meet up'

HERAM were gathering at Halfords in Beverley same as E-YARD - after some banter the groups set off, E-YARD heading to meet with ARNY at Beadlam in North Yorkshire, then all three arranging to meet in Sandsend, Whitby.

First stop at Beadlam and the relative warmth of Beverley had plummeted as the group rode up into the North Yorkshire Moors. An open cafe area with wind blowing through didn't help!

After a quick warm up - and chat with ARNY colleagues the group head up over the Moors to Sandsend.

Unfortunately the cafe was unseasonally bursting with folk enjoying the end of year sunshine, so farewells were made with the ARNY and HERAM riders before the E-YARD gang head into Whitby's Whistle Stop Cafe for a final cuppa before heading down the coast road and back home!

About 100 miles covered in total, dry roads, relative warmth, excellent company, tea, coffee - What a great way to see 2017 out!

Happy New Year - Looking forward to a fantastic 2018!

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