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Party Time!

'Tis the Season!!

Well Saturday 9 December was a busy day for E-YARD, with the inaugural Driver Progressive Development Course in the daytime and the Christmas 'Do' in the evening.

Most of the group members met up for a drink in "Nellie's" a real Victorian feeling pub in Beverley town centre actually called the White Horse. A myriad of little gas lit rooms, the pub has a fantastic atmosphere, and with draft bitter at £2.00 a pint....

The group were booked into Sleepers Bar and Restaurant in Beverley and were allocated the 'best' table on the premise. Fourteen seats allocated, but only thirteen able to attend as our chair, John 'Norge' Wright had unexpected family commitments.

His seat at the head of the table was reserved for him though!

Some excellent food was consumed, party hats worn and bad cracker jokes told - and due to a minor issue with service all members got an extra Christmas bonus of a fiver off their meals!

A quote from Rosie said it all - "Brilliant evening. We must do more of these"

A great night, great company - Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone!

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