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November Review

Welcome to our monthly review of E-YARD's activity.

Well! What a month!

RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders (RoADAR) have been restructuring various aspects of the organisation. This has included redefining group constitutions to create a national standard that groups can work towards.

Other aspects include standardising Tutor training and accreditation with both Group and Advanced Tutor roles being defined.

E-YARD have been one step ahead of this program with our Tutor program being set to a similar standard to the Diploma (the highest tutor qualification).

Definitions of the groups officers was required and those definitions (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, in addition Training Officer and Membership Secretary) have been made and published on our website ( )

With everything in place to comply with national requirements, E-YARD have submitted the group constitution and application for (new) accreditation status to RoADAR HQ for final authorisation, 5 months ahead of the April deadline.

Details of the new constitution, including local amendments to allow electronic polling and publication, can be found on the website ( )

After the loss of Tuesday nights venue for meetings, and following the November monthly meeting the group was polled for preference on a change of night. With only one or two exceptions it was agreed to change the monthly meeting to the fourth Wednesday of every month. We retain our 'spiritual home' of East Coast Motorcycle World for the meetings. This has been formally agreed with Martin and Kelly, the owners, and the meetings will continue form Wednesday 24 January 2018 (the fourth Wednesday of December is the middle of the Christmas period!)

As regards the November monthly meeting, it was held at the Mercure Hotel as a 'one off' and saw a presentation about Tyres being given to the group. This was well received by the 22 attendees and, whilst a month late(!) fitted in with Tyre awareness month which had been a national push in October. It was timely as winter approaches. The presentation included short video's on tyre safety checks which can be found on the 'How To' videos page of the website ( )

The weather may be on the change, and the days grow shorter and colder, but the bike section were still out and about! Norge and Carolyne supported the local economy at the American embassy on St Andrews Quay! Norge then went on to assess Ian Streets from the slightly more salubrious Cave Castle.

Hoody progressed Jo's tutor training with her sitting the written part of her training as she closes in on the ultimate goal. Needless to say Jo is now another step closer.

Hoody and Rosie also got out for a ride-out on his birthday - what better way to celebrate!

Jules polished his namesake ready for test, as did Dave P with Lizzy B.

The previous month's of work put in by our tutor team came to fruition during November seeing FOUR associates converting to members with test passes, Andy Trevor and Dave Hardwick (motorcycles), and Lizzy B and Julian Edge (cars)

Well done to those four members and to their Tutors Jules T, Dave P and Rosie (woo-hoo - first associates to test and both top of the step!)

Examination of two other drivers, both achieving their passes to become RoADAR full members by Chris Hood, saw the group gain two new members as they joined and brought their qualifications with them - think the group can claim an assist there!

November also saw Ian Speight and Daz Holt from ARNY - North Yorkshire RoADAR Group (Advanced Riders North Yorkshire) join E-YARD as a car associates

Upon completing his bike test, Dave Hardwick also now commences Tutor training - a real glutton for punishment!

Talking of gluttons for punishment, Andy Brittan will be learning the ropes of the Treasurer in a temporary role

The group also now has a dedicated telephone contact number.

This is not 24 hour, but any messages will be responded to as soon as practicable. It will be used for Text messaging members of E-YARD as we expand our communication capability, which now has the phone (0784 6000 808), the website (, Twitter ( and Facebook (

As December commences it would be a good time to remind everyone to take care as winter starts to grip. Make sure your vehicles are prepared for winter, don't forget to defrost windows before commencing a journey and ensure your tyres are correctly inflated and have sufficient tread for what's coming!

There will be no group meeting this month (as discussed above) but the group night out at Sleepers will see some socialising I have no doubt!

The Progressive Development Program also commences this month for the Car side with Andy Trevor running the first session on 9 December. More details will be published specifically for this.

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

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