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Progressive Development Programme

E-YARD training team has been working on an exciting new project which is now ready to be rolled out!

Commencing Saturday 9 December E-YARD will be delivering the "Driver Progressive Development Programme"

The initial session will be delivered by Andy Trevor as the lead Tutor.

Here is a brief synopsis of how the Programme will be delivered:-

The Tutor will take out a maximum of three associates, or other relevant persons, for practical training sessions.

These sessions will utilise the associates (or other relevant persons) own vehicle, with the tutor seated in the front passenger seat. The other two associates (or other relevant persons) will be carried as rear seat passengers.

By adopting this method, the driver will receive direct tutoring and the other occupants will be able to observe the session and gain from what is observed.

At the conclusion of the session, the vehicle will return to the starting location where the next associate (or other relevant person) will repeat the exercise in their vehicle as a driver with the other persons (including the initial driver) observing their session.

This will be repeated for the third person.

All three persons will receive a practical training session and then observe two other person undergoing the same. This will amplify the learning process threefold, by not only receiving direct input, but also experiencing other drivers strengths and weaknesses and remedial advice from the tutor.

All sessions will be recorded in the associate's E-YARD Training Log as per a 'normal' session, in the prescribed manner.

Where persons other than associates utilises these sessions, the matrix and marking system will be used to record the feedback, which can be appended to a Training Log when/ if later issued

A poll will be raised on the Facebook page if you wish to take advantage of this or future Progressive Development Programme

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