Little Ms Moffat (and Mr's!)

Weekend training event 6th-8th October 2017.

Before I get into the details of the training weekend I would like to thank Denise and Tom for a very entertaining and enjoyable event. This weekend diary is about what I did with Denise and Tom in the relevant vehicle's.

Friday 6th

Bags backed and bike loaded. Powderssy checks done then meet up with Denise, as Denise is my motorcycle tutor I was asked what checks I had done before the journey. We now planned our first leg of the journey from Hull to Sutton Bank cafe.

A good mixture of town, country and national speed limit roads. A good discussion on my ride with a few points to think about for the future over coffee and cake.

We now planned a route to Wensleydale Creamery in Hawes for our next cuppa and a debrief on the ride.

From Hawes to Dumfries via Warcup, Penrith and Carlisle. The road from Hawes to Warcup A66 was beautiful with some fantastic corners and views, I will try and do this route again. Quick fuel stop as my tank was getting close to the red just past Warcup. The trip from Penrith to Dumfries was either motorway or national speed limit roads as time was catching us up.

Checked into the hotel and a shower and liquid refreshments and a lovely meal soon past.

Saturday 7th