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Motor Cycle News!

Whilst not mentioning the group directly, the Motor Cycle News (MCN) have featured one of our group in an article about their #ride5000miles initiative.

The aim is to get Bikers out riding and enjoying their motorcycling with a goal of achieving 5000 miles riding this season!

Never one to miss an opportunity, when the MCN reporter, Andy Davidson, rang our own Chris Hood, having spotted a 'happy biker' picture, he got an enthusiastic response!

Whilst Chris did mention the group, the details weren't committed to print, but the message got there anyway!

With several quotes including "Chris says riding is the best therapy (if you want to make yourself feel good)" and "...more riding means more experience and sharper skills" lets hope it encourages more people to get on their bikes and join an advanced group - preferably - East - Yorkshire Advanced Riders & Drivers!!

Extract from MCN 29/03/17

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