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First Blog of E-YARD

Been a long time getting back to it, but the East Yorkshire Advanced Riders & Drivers is now rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of East Riding of Yorkshire RoADAR Group which had been going through a rough patch for a few years.

We're now starting to get going again, old members returning, new members joining, a new committee and proper structure to tutoring and delivering training to associates.

The new website is up and running, a work in constant progress!

Facebook page is also gaining popularity.

We have two lady tutors being trained up - Jo Bowers for the cars, Denise "Rosie" Rose for bikes.

Once trained they'll join the team, Julian Taylor and Chris Hood (cars and bikes), John Wright (bike) Dave Pattenden & Andy Trevor (Cars)

Looking forward to a season of recruiting new members and getting out there in the East Yorkshire area spreading the word of the YARDies!

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