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Great Meeting!

Wow!! First meeting at the new venue and almost ran out of chairs!

E-YARD's inaugral meeting at East Coast Motorcycle World (ECMW) saw a roomful of new, current and returning members.

Infact the group welcomed 5 new members to the RoADAR fold, Patrick, David, Carolyne, Kelvin and Simon!

After a brief overview for new members, Rosie and Jo gave a practical POWDER check demonstration for both bike and car. This was followed with a Q&A and a look at the Pre Drive/Ride sections on the website - did we mention ECMW has a smart TV for presentations?

The meeting continued with plenty of interaction between new and old members as well as drinking of coffee and eating of sticky buns - did we mention ECMW has a cafe?!

All in all a really successful meeting. A mention must also go to Martin and Kelly the owners at ECMW for hosting the meeting - looking forward to next month!

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