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What's an average E-YARD Saturday in October like?

SO what IS an average October Saturday for the regions premier RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle training club?

Well what it's NOT is pipe, slippers and beardie weirdy!

Quite the opposite is the answer.

Saturday 9 October was set for the montlhy Saturday Coddiwomple, with Adam Abel, one of the talented and dedicated Group Tutors choosing to lead the group.

Meeting at Beverley at 0930, an outstanding turnout of 15 riders made for an impressive Autumn rideout.

This was despite a core portion of E-YARD (RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Rider East Yorkshire) being in France (see below*)

Adam, who has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Yorkshire Wolds, Moors and Howardian Hills, put together a phenomenal route which didn't touch a main road to the oft used Thirsk Garden Centre for lunch.

Jade shows off her new KTM, whilst Adam led on his "old" KTM, Julian rode solo on the big beast, which contested with Bob's H-D for biggest of the day, as Paul just smiled throughout....

Julian was solo, which isn't the usual case, but there was a reason...

Jo, Julians better half, was out on her initial assessment with Group Advanced Tutor, Rosie. From Beverely, Rosie assessed Jo as she rode over the Wolds to the famous Seaways Cafe for tea and debrief. Jo didn't let herself down and now awaits allocation of a tutor so she can begin her journey to becoming an advanced rider.

Rosie then met up with Hoody and Dave S and they enjoyed an exploration of the back roads of East Yorkshire to Zoom Cafe at South Cave. What a little gem of a place with some very tasty Walnut/Coffee cake...Mr Strets missed out!

The return journey for the Coddiwomple from Thirsk terminated at Seways, where Hoody and Rosie made their way back to to meet up with the gang!

* The French Contingent!

Unable to make the Coddiwomple, because they are in France visiting the War Graves and Beaches of Normandy. We'll let them off!

So the answer to the question?

An average E-YARD Saturday in October is full on, with over twenty members being actively engaged in E-YARD organised and related activities! We're not just a training body. E-YARD is an active and exciting club, made up of friends as well as tutors, a family that really is Inclusive. Not Exclusive


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