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TNT 22 07 21

Thursday Night Trundle - Schools Out For Summer!!

10 gathered at Beverley for the 1745 meet.

Hoodie was lead with the other examiner John S playing back marker as the gang used the drop off system.

Helmsley was the destination and there was 90 minutes to get to Deep Blue for a Fish Supper!

Taking the B1248 to Wetang, then on to Malton, through Hovingham and on to the big H everyone was starving on arrival!

New member Lee Evans joined the ride out saying he had heard E-YARD were a sociable club that were welcoming. I hope we lived up to his expectations - we are, afterall, Inclusive, Not Exclusive

Everyone made their own way back, peeling off as they made their way home.

Lorraine, this was diet pie - honest - no suet in it at all......


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