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Monthly Group Meeting - August '21

RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders East Yorkshire (E-YARD) held their monthly meeting on the usual fourth Wednesday of the month, on this occasion - 25 August 2021

As August is traditionally the 'worst' attended meeting, due to the summer holidays, vacations, staycations and general domestic commitments, the subject matter of the meeting wasn't specific, an informal general discussion chaired by local examiners, John Summerfield and Chris Hood.

A celebration of the clubs recent successes, Tutor Qualifiers, Andy Brittan, Rod McAndrew, Adam Abel and tri-annual re-qualification for Guy Gragory.

The "Main Event" was started with a question being discussed on the RoSPA official facebook page, that of crossing solid white lines. Interesting discussion with the conclusion being .... there are lots of opinions!

Examiner qualification was another discussion, with John and Chris explaining that roSPA only employed police trained examiners, the difference between how another training body recruits examiners and E-YARDS philophosy towards training and the examiners involvement to maintain their skills.

Further queries were addressed, with the 14 members present stayingbehind having general chit chat as the club closed!


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